Singer’s 500-hp Porsche 964-based Dynamics and Lightweighting Study touches perfection


The restomodding specialist teamed up with Williams Advanced Engineering for this dream project

In the world of restomodding, Singer Vehicle Design is the place to go if air-cooled Porsche 911s are your dream cars.

The California-based company has rolled out some fantastic projects over the years, and it looks like things just keep getting better. How else would you describe the company's partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering, one of the world's leading powertrain experts?


The two companies joined forces to build a client-commissioned 911-based Dynamics and Lightweighting Study (DLS) that will no doubt make you think life is unfair. Well, it is unfair unless your name is Scott Blattner, the customer who asked Singer Vehicle Design to implement lightweighting and high-performance enhancements on his 1990 Porsche 964.

"The guys at Singer have always been receptive to the question ‘What if?' So, the question became what if Singer worked on restoring and modifying my beloved 27-year old Porsche 964, with the assistance of an engineering concern born from the world of F1. How would such a car look and how would it perform?"

Scott Blattner, customer

The result is just stunning, for lack of a better word. With assistance from specialists such as Michelin, Brembo, and BBS Motorsport, as well as aerodynamics and engine development input from Porsche legends Norbert Singer and Hans Mezger, the 964 has been completely transformed.


For starters, it now weighs just 990kg (2,180 lb) thanks to the use of magnesium, titanium, carbon fiber and other advanced materials. Then there's the engine: a four-valve, four-camshaft, naturally aspirated air-cooled flat-six engine developed by Williams Advanced Engineering with consultation by Hans Mezger. It's mated to lightweight magnesium 6-speed manual transmission from Hewland and produces 500 horsepower for supercar performance — although Singer hasn't revealed any specs.


As for aerodynamics, the Dynamics and Lightweighting Study has optimized underbody and surface aero performance thanks to CFD analysis by Williams Advanced Engineering, with consultation by Norbert Singer. The suspension has also been improved and now features enhanced geometry, improved adjustability, and a lightweight design.

Other improvements achieved with the project's technical partners include the bespoke Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, BBS Motorsport 18-inch lightweight magnesium center-lock wheels, Brembo mono-block brake calipers and carbon composite rotors, and EXE-TC bespoke damping.


Styling-wise, the photos are worth more than a thousand words, but we'll tell you the car features a unique Absinthe body color and a bespoke interior bathed in Blood Orange leather.

The good news is the Dynamics and Lightweighting Study is the first of many exciting restomods from Singer's new Dynamics and Lightweighting department. The restoration and modification of client-owned cars will be tailored to their wishes and will take place in the UK at a dedicated Singer facility in the Williams campus at Grove in Oxfordshire.


Obviously, the cost of the restoration depends on the customer's wishes, but it's safe to say the Dynamics and Lightweighting Study is Singer's most expensive creation to date.

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