Sliding Classic Porsches on Frozen Lakes? This Is Heaven

Is this the most awesome driving school in the world?

Tuthill Porsche is a British classic Porsche restorator, coach, and service as well. Also, they organize training programs for those who want to experiment with classic, rally-ready 911s.

For example, the Below Zero Ice Driving experience is taking place on a frozen lake in Sweden. That means they put you on a low-grip immense surface, with 300-something horsepower rally-winning 911, and they teach you how to drift, using "inch-perfect throttle control." Seriously now, what could you possibly ask more?

Basically, this is what Porsche, and Lamborghini, and Audi – and probably many others – are already doing annually, only here you get in touch with an all-mechanical icon, which makes things more desirable (hope I'm not the only one thinking this way).

You can check out more videos from Tuthill Porsche on their YouTube page.