Slow Sales Prompt Citroen to Cut Aging C5 from UK Lineup

Next year it turns ten!

The aging but still interesting Citroen C5 hasn’t been doing so well in the UK, where it managed to sell just 237 examples in 2015. However, unlike the previous-gen C5, the current one was never popular to begin with, and its total UK sales figure since its 2008 introduction is just 17,105.

According to Autocar, it could be replaced by a “reinvented model”, but allusions as to a launch time frame were not made by any Citroen officials. The current model (still available on other European markets) is the last modern citroen to offer Hydractive suspension, but it’s not standard like in the olden days – now it’s an optional extra and it’s not clear wether it will be retained for the replacing model.

The C5 hasn’t been doing that great on continental European soil either. Total sales of the model were down nearly 34 percent in 2015, compared to the year prior. The annual figure dropped from 53,308 units in 2014, to 35,552 in 2015.

Citroen says the falling popularity of the C5 was due in part to the rise to fame of the crossover. This trend is evident in its own sales records, which show models like the C4 Cactus nearly double their yearly tally

The C5 isn’t Citroen’s worst European performer, though, as we can leave that distinction to the C8 large people carrier. Its sales figure went down from 2014’s 1,586 cars sold, to just 12 in 2015.