So, What Do You Think about Future Bentley’s Holographic Butler?

Bentley will rise to another level regarding in-car services. Is it a little too much, though?

In case you haven't encountered this image before, let us briefly explain it to you: this is the "Future of Luxury," a concept image officially released by Bentley's design team.

As you'd expect, the Bentley of the future looks like an opulent living room – one not big enough for the chimney to fit it, but big enough to accommodate four passengers on leather sofas.

The truly interesting part is the one that sits on the coffee table between the sofas. See it? It is a butler. A holographic one.

We are impressed with the side panels displays and the stage-like mood lighting, but the butler is of interest here because we are still wondering how's that going to work.

To operate displays wherever you want in a car seems to be plausible in our minds, but to argue with a virtual butler about your pronunciation without even having the means to fire him … well, that is going to be rough, future Bentley owners.

The "Future of Luxury" depicts a time 20 years from now, so there is plenty of it to make the voice recognition software work properly.