So, would you take the Maserati Levante off-road?

Jonny Lieberman did

Maserati’s posh Levante tells the same story as just about every premium/luxury SUV out there: built for the road, but yet able off it. Or is it?

Yeah, so the Maserati Levante is better suited for posing in front of the opera, or at the mall, rather than clad in dust from roof to wheels as it ventures off the beaten paths. 

Moreover, the Levante clientele doesn’t seem the adventurous type unless it’s stock exchange they’re having a go at, but Jonny Lieberman of Motor Trend thought to have a go at off-roading the Maserati Levante.

Sure, the Trident’s SUV has a dedicated off road mode that lifts the air suspension by 1.5 inches or, if things get really nasty, another push of the button will get you another half an inch worth of ground clearance.

Such gimmicks aside, tires are vital when going off the beaten path, as well as a sturdy, opposite-of-fancy body kit - think of Jeeps here. Not to mention extra gear in case you do get stuck

So can the Levante tackle an off-road course? Here’s what Mr. Lieberman has to say:

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