Sono Motors’ Sion solar EV will make you move to the desert

Or to a sunny state, for that matter

While the Tesla Model 3 post-reveal craze burns away, we'd like to point your attention towards a less seen and thus discussed electrified alternative: the solar car.

To prove our point, we'll make an example out of the recently-revealed Sono Sion.

Built by Sono Motors, a start-up company based in Munich, Germany, the Sion solar EV wants to tend to your budget and cut the costs of using a car on a daily basis.

Do note that we're not talking about a 100 percent solar car, as it doesn't rely solely on the sun's energy to travel from A to B.

Sono says the EV's price tag of $16,000 (in the region of $18,720) should appeal to families and city commuters, but there's a catch: it doesn't include the 30 kW/h battery and adjacent apps.

Users can get the battery pack on a monthly lease or by making an upfront payment of €4,000 ($4,680) which takes the tally to an acquisition price of €20,000 or $23,000.

Thanks to 330 solar cells integrated along its body, the Sono Sion can convert solar energy to enough electricity to add another 18 miles (30 km, roughly) to the 100-mile (160 km) range offered by the battery pack.

Another trick they pulled is the so-called bi-directional charging feature that turns the car into a mobile power station. The video below explains the concept.

It goes without saying that you'll have to consider what amount of sunlight your area is getting every year just to profit to the fullest from Sion's solar capabilities. But on rainy days, you can still rely on battery power.

Sono Motors needs 5,000 reservations to start Sion serial production. So far, they've bagged 1,500 down payments while the car was still in its R&D days.