Stoned teen girl drives like a lunatic on three tires, attempts to evade police

She actually shows surprising skill at it, especially since she doesn’t have a license

Marijuana seems to not impair driving all that much, I mean this 19 year old girl from Cluj, Romania was on it and had no trouble doing a crazy run through town... on only three tires, sparks flying from the tire that was missing.

She shows skill navigating slower moving traffic, often using the oncoming lane to keep on going. Her skill behind the wheel is undeniable and her driving seems even more impressive given the fact she doesn’t have a driver’s license.

The video you see below was shot by a local taxi driver who followed the mad driver around recording all her moves. Said cabbie began pursuit after his own car was hit by the teen’s  silver Seat Ibiza.

Police didn’t even have to stop her, as she eventually fumbled into a roundabout which prevented her from moving any further. Then the cops arrived on scene and found that she had not been drinking, but later lab blood test confirmed she was high on weed at the time of driving.

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