Street Legal 42-foot Jet Limo. The Learmousine is Up for Grabs

Two years in the making, $1 million to build and 40,000 man-hours of custom work

Learjet is the company behind this project. It started as a regional aircraft until 2005 when Dan Harris had the idea to turn the jet into a limo. Enter the Learmousine. 

The 42 feet long and 8 feet wide jet (without wings) was the starting point to build such an exotic limo. Dan Harris and his team spent two years to design a custom frame strong enough to support the plane's aluminium fuselage. That was step one. After, the Learmousine, as it’s named, needed an electrical system and a full suspension to become a car. So, the engineers started to develop the electronics and suspension from the ground up.


It still has its side-mounted turbine engines, but they were replaced with a speaker system to imitate the jet sound of an actual turbine engine when the limo is in motion. Powering the rear 28-inch wheels is a mid-mounted, 8.1-litre Chevrolet V-8 truck engine.

The limo can carry 18 people, including the driver and the interior has plenty of luxury bits. The four-spoke steering wheel is from a first-generation Chevrolet Silverado. Next to it, there are four screens which display the camera view. Other features include a 42-inch flat-screen television, a minibar, a 17,000-watt sound system with speakers inside and outside, an infinity floor, plus a lot of neon lights.

The Learmousine is put on sale at Mecum's Indy 2020 auction scheduled to take place June 23-28 at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. The winning bidder will also receive a 44-foot Iron Bull trailer designed to carry the jet and a 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD to tow the jet limo.



  • Introduced as a prototype concept known as the Learmousine
  • Designed by Dan Harris in Bend, Oregon
  • One of a kind patent pending design
  • Now owned by Jettersetter Inc., a company formed by Frank DeAngelo and Michael Kashevatsky
  • Chicago-based firm Exotic Coach managed the build
  • 2 years of research and development to construct rear engine bay, drivetrain, suspension, electrical and computer systems
  • Street legal
  • Built for show circuit
  • Sponsored by VIP Coach Design, Atrend and Race Sport Lighting
  • 42-feet long by 8-feet wide
  • Side-mounted jet turbine engines
  • Dark Candy Red exterior
  • Steel skeleton frame
  • Lear aluminum fuselage
  • Custom steering
  • Hydroboost
  • Custom-built Showtime Audio exterior door panels
  • Custom-built Showtime Audio dashboard with cameras and monitors
  • Folding upper rear wing
  • 28-inch wheels
  • R201.1 - 2017 Iron Bull 44-foot trailer included
  • R201.2 – 2015 Chevrolet 2500 Pickup included


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