Sure, Sliding a Ferrari V8 Under the Hood of a Toyota GT86 Makes Perfect Sense to Us Too

The car is not ready yet, but it oozes sex even in bare (modified, strengthened) chassis and engine form

We’re looking forward to seeing what kind of Frankenstein’s monster will be spawned from the marriage of a Toyota GT86 and a Ferrari V8 engine. It’s the unlikely combo that is being created for Formula Drift racing driver, Ryan Tuerck.

He’s no stranger to driving a crazy, overpowered GT86, as an older drift car of his is a 600 hp Scion FR-S, which is basically the same car. However, while that car used a souped up Toyota 2JZ engine (which is definitely a much more common path to make big power) this part-Ferrari build is arguably much more interesting. We don’t know which flavor of Ferrari V8 this is; it could be from a 430, a 458 or a California.

The car is not ready, though, but it looks like a proper build, featuring plenty of chassis stiffening to cope with the extra oomph. It actually looks rather spectacular in bare chassis and engine form, but once it’s all covered up, you won’t be able to tell what kind of lunacy lurks under its long hood.

We can’t wait to see the car finished, doing its sideways thing!

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