SUV tug of war: Jeep Grand Cherokee takes on mighty Audi SQ7


The Jeep is the culmination of decades of off-road experience, but the Audi has 900 Nm torque

Tugs of war between vehicles are about as pointless as pointless gets, but they sure are fun to watch, especially since you usually can’t predict the outcome. Take this one between an older Jeep Grand Cherokee and a more modern Audi SQ7.

The result is hard to predict as it usually goes either way with these tugs of war – often the underdog snags victory usually thanks to better tires and more appropriate gearing. It may also be that electronics also play their part.

In this battle between the Grand Cherokee and the SQ7 you’d think the Audi with its superior torque and traction (plus its slew of electronic aids) would cruise to victory, dragging the Jeep behind it like it was a dog that was not yet ready to leave the park and go back home – scroll down to see it unfold; the video was shot somewhere in Russia.

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