Tailor-Made Bronzo Opaco Ferrari LaFerrari looks coated in caramel

We’re still pinching ourselves to make sure it’s real

Ferrari’s LaFerrari flagship doesn’t need special paint jobs to stand out and increase its appeal, but if such a paint finish is applied and is successful, the results can be stunning. Just grant this LaFerrari a quick glance and take a gander at its one of a kind Bronzo Opaco matte coating.


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It’s an official color created by Ferrari’s Tailor Made department, and there’s no other way of putting it, but it looks good enough to bite into or just touch... for hours. We’ve honestly never seen anything like it and for it to be applied to something as already eye-catching as the LaFerrari is a real treat.


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We didn’t see it in the metal, though, but it was spotted in Monte Carlo with photos lighting up Instagram over the past few days. The car reportedly has matte bronze details inside as well, but we sadly can’t see any of those in the photos we found.


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