Take a Detailed Look at the Modified Land Rover Defender from James Bond Spectre

If you like off-road vehicles with attitude, this will be pornography for you

Ten Land Rover Defenders were modified to take part in the Spectre Bond movie, of which one got destroyed and another was put on display. The remaining eight examples were auctioned off to collectors and one landed in the hands of Harry Metcalfe of Harry’s Garage.

If you ever wanted to know all there is to know about these uprated off-road ready Defenders, then Harry’s video is a one stop shop.

He explains not only the story behind its creation, but also the technical solutions used. Some make it really good off-road, but not so much on-road, others help it turn night into day, while others still are just cosmetic.

The end result is a very capable looking, off-road ready Land Rover that’s a tad too noisy to be driven on the road in a relaxing manner, as you’ll see in the video posted below.