Tesla Is Working on a People Carrier and It Could Look Like This

Although it probably won’t and be more bus-like than this

Tesla is set to launch a people carrier of sorts, underpinned by the same chassis as the Model X, and this rendering looks like a credible attempt to describe what it might look like.

However, some have said that this representation by Theophilus Chin, while accurate-looking, doesn’t look like the actual vehicle described as a ‘minibus’ rather than a more conventional people mover like this.

And there’s a point to that as Tesla already offers two conventional-looking seven seaters in the form of the Model X and Model S (with its two rear-facing seats for kids) – the so-called ‘minibus’ will surely be able to carry more than seven.

Tesla boss Elon Musk did say that this vehicle’s “people density potential is surprisingly high,” so our money is on a vehicle with more than seven seats.

Jalopnik provides a more quick and messy-looking rendering (posted above), but one that more closely depicts the actual Tesla bus, we believe. Musk himself called the rendering and accompanying article “some good guessing,” so they’re definitely on to something here.

The bus will, like the Model S, X and 3, first be revealed in close-to-production concept form to gauge opinions. In production guise, it will feature a both fully- and semi-autonomous driving modes and the design will feature flourishes inspired by the original VW bus from the '60s.