Tesla Model S P85-powered Honda Accord doesn't need VTEC

Yes, Tesla-powered

This Honda Accord found a new calling and is now quicker than Muhammad Ali's jab.

The first-generation Honda Accord four-door sedan packed 72 hp in a 1.75-liter engine tasked with pulling around 2,00o lb worth of chassis, body work and cabin amenities.

VTEC was still unheard of back then and an electrical powertrain was a thing of science fiction. Things are different in 2018.


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In 2018, you can shoehorn a Tesla Model S P85 drive unit inside a 1981 Honda Accord and name the resulting car Teslonda. And as a side dish, your 0-60 mph sprints will happen in 2.7 seconds courtesy of 400 kW (536 hp) and instant torque. Oh, wheelies are also included.


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Instagram user Jimmy Built is the man behind Teslonda and his feed does a good job in documenting at least part of the project's development.

We don't know about you, but we could watch it zap from a standstill all day long.


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