Tesla Model SD concept wants to bring more emotion for the Model S

Is it a Tesla? Or a Lexus? A Saab perhaps? More like all three

With the Model 3 out of the bag and Elon Musk saying exciting things lie ahead for Tesla's lineup, fan-made concepts can only do one thing: and that's to thrive.

Speaking of which, today we bring you the Tesla Model SD concept by Kyrgyzstan-based designer Steel Drake.

The name might say Tesla, but from where we're standing, the SD concept borrows design cues from at least two other worlds.

For example, the headlights look like something a Lexus designer could draw while the sloped roof and profile hint at the defunct second-generation Saab 9-5.

According to the designer, the study's front end comes to "repair" the kisser of the current Model S, which he considers "without emotions."

His concept certainly has that visual emotion we like seeing in a car, but isn't it a bit too much? What's your take on it?