Tesla Surveys German Owners, 98% Understand How the Autopilot Works

How about the US or other areas?

Call it a case of lost in translation or a technology ahead of its time which still requires a well-educated user base before fulfilling its mission.

We're talking about Tesla's Autopilot feature, a safety system that's been under scrutiny and controversy ever since Joshua Brown's Model S hit a tractor-trailer resulting in the driver's death.

Ever since, the Autopilot topic has been slowly but steadily trending around the internet, with the latest developments being a survey conducted by Tesla on German customers to determine whether they understand the technology's modus operandi and limitations.

According to the study's findings, 98% of the questioned customers knew that "when using Autopilot, the driver is expected to maintain control of the vehicle at all times."

675 German Tesla owners were approached via seven-question online interviews.

The initiative was triggered after Germany's Transport Ministry labeled Tesla's Autopilot as hazardous, while also suggesting that the name itself is misleading.

A similar issue occurred in China, where Tesla had to erase the "self-driving" and "autopilot" words from its website after a Model S cruising on Autopilot failed to avoid a vehicle partially parked on the road and crashed into it.

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