Tesla vs. Lambo drag race is a reminder for the Huracán’s amazingly beautiful voice

You're in for a surprise, but you shouldn't be

If you’ve been out for the couple last years, here’s what’s happened: the electric vehicles are on the rise, boasting impressive performance ratings that put the combustion engines to shame.

And yes, it goes to an extent where a family car is able to beat an Italian pure breed like the Lamborghini Huracán. Of course, that doesn’t mean an electric saloon is superior to the conventionally powered supercar in ALL aspects. Why are people so hyped by a simple drag race? Beats me too. 

The electric car represents the (near) future — so near that it can hardly be called “future” anymore — and we’ll all end up having one eventually because they’re as practical for us as any good household appliance. 

The sound of a combustion engine firing up, and revving up? That's an experience the electric vehicle won’t replicate, so we might as well enjoy them while we can.

P.S.: if you want to compare Lambo's voice with the one of a Corvette's, just click on this

via DragTimes YT

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