The definitive exotic or expensive car crush compilation

Car lovers are advised to have antidepressants close at hand after seeing this pricey metal get mangled

Some countries choose to crush cars that were illegally imported or part of some serious illegal activity regardless of what that car may be and how much it might be worth. For this piece I tried to find the most excruciating videos out there showing exotic and expensive cars that are in at least good condition but get turned to scrap because “it’s the law.”

Now the specifics of how or why cars end up getting crushed vary from country to country, but the bottom line is perfectly good uber-luxury or super-sporty cars are compressed to the size of a refrigerator just because of what their owners did. But the problem is it’s the people that committed the crime, and the car is usually just an accessory so the extreme act of crushing is unjustifiable.

Whatever the reasoning behind it, it’s just pure torture to watch these motors get minced, yet it does happen so you should be informed about of it. Now scroll down for a trip down pointless exotic car crush lane – some videos you may know, but we dug deep to find all the ones that are worthwhile seeing.

Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT and Audi A6 sandwich

Lexus LS

Lexsus IS F

Lexus IS F and IS350C sandwich

Mercedes S-Class

Mercedes SLS AMG

Lamborghini Murcielago

Ferrari 456 GT

First-gen Dodge Viper

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