The Ford F-350 Mega-Raptor is here to put all the other Raptors to shame

ford mega-raptor

It feeds on Toyota Priuses

In case you’re wondering if you haven’t heard this name before, you’re not wrong; there’s also a MegaRaptror built by F250R, it seems that no one claimed rights over this name.

The Mega-Raptor featured here started off as a 2012 F-350 running a smoky V8 diesel worth of 1,400 lb-ft of torque. Tiber glass panels have been tailored for this car, and 46-inch tires have been installed on it. It’s a monster, definitely.

As with any jacked up truck that runs coal, the Mega-Raptor hates Toyota Prius. If you’re a Prius fan, I must warn you, what are you going to see isn’t easy on the eyes.

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