The Grand Tour Presenter Trio Tries Forza Horizon 3 Driving Game

This is so enjoyable to watch that it could work as a recurring standalone show

Want to see the world’s most famous automotive presenters / journos trying to get to grips with the Forza Horizon 3 open world driving game? Check out this recorded Twitch stream featuring Clakson, Hammond and May who played the game for the official Xbox channel.

The actual gaming part is obviously not the main point of attraction, as it’s yet again their on-screen chemistry that makes this one hour video quite watchable and entertaining.

The trio is first asked to take turns driving a virtual Mazda MX-5 around a course, with things then switching up to a trophy truck going off-road.

Of the trio, James seems to be the least apt to drive a car using a controller (he crashes the most) but Jeremy who claims to be an avid Call of Duty (and other shooter) fan isn’t that much better at first – although he does get better. Richard seems to have the most clinical and precise driving style and also some skill at steering a car with analog sticks.


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