“The Rock” Gave the First 2018 Ford Mustang to a War Veteran

This video is just heavy

The facelifted Mustang surfaced recently, letting us know it got rid of the V6 engine.

Now, thanks to a YouTube clip from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, we just found out that the first 2018 Mustang 5.0 went to a war veteran as a sign of appreciation from Ford.

Marlene Rodriquez has been deployed three times in combat zones, having survived two roadside IED (Improvised Explosive Devices) encounters, among other horrific stuff a soldier has to deal with in theaters of war.

After her third deployment, she was awarded the Purple Heart decoration, but her brain injury forced her to leave the Army. Despite all her accomplishments, she still feels guilty for her colleagues’ unfortunate deaths: “To receive the Purple Heart, losing someone and earning a reward, it didn’t mesh well with me. It’s an honor to have it, but to receive it? I have more guilt than anything else.”

After the interview, the Rock showed up on the set and surprised Marlene with tickets to the “Baywatch” world premiere. And a 2018 Mustang 5.0.

It’s hard to comment on what happened in the clip when The Rock unveiled the four-wheeled present; it’s better that you draw conclusions on your own.