The Scaldarsi Emperor or How to Turn Your Mercedes Maybach Into Festival of Kitsch

Look away, look away now, this may give you nightmares

There are plenty of firms out there ready to fancy up your already fancy Mercedes S-Class, and while there are some passable aftermarket kits to go for, this one by Scaldarsi Motors is not one of them. It’s the ideal way to ruin the look of your S-Class with oversized bumpers, skirts and wheels that turn it into something downright gawping.

Scaldarsi Motors, despite sounding oh-so Italian, is actually a company based in Montreal, Canada (with offices in Manama, Bahrain) and it says “the Emperor I is the meticulous culmination of the world’s finest engineers, designers and craftsmen.” They probably were referring to the donor car before they set to work on it…

Inside, the uncalled-for decadence continues as all factory materials are replaced with whatever the customer wants. You get gold accents too, and out of all the options, you’d seriously be missing out if you didn’t opt for the pinkish alligator skin option that they offer. You know a company has gone to town modifying a car when they even change the badging, you know, like Brabus or Alpina do.

We don’t know how much it costs; probably a lot, but what worries us more is the fact that Scaldarsi is planning to also do up the Bentley Bentayga and the Mercedes G-Class in the near future. We hope our internet will be down on that day (so that we have an excuse to overlook them).