The Self-driving Chevrolet Bolt Is Coming Your Way

More autonomous Chevrolet Bolts are being tested by Cruise Automation across the USA.

More and more self-driving cars are hitting the streets. Cruise Automation, the startup recently bought by General Motors is expanding its field of testing for the new Chevrolet Bolt.

Until recently, autonomous Bolts could only be seen on the streets of San Francisco. Nowadays, Cruise Automation is running more testing in the state of Arizona. Two days ago, the company announced on Twitter that the testing was underway in The Grand Canyon State. 

General Motors announced the acquisition of the startup back in March, this year. Cruise Automation managed to keep a great deal of autonomy (pun intended) under the deal. It even managed to keep its base in San Francisco, California, which would explain why the testing of the Bolt started there.

The technology developed for the self-driving Chevrolet Bolt will make its way on vehicles for Lyft drivers. Lyft is Uber's main rival and plans on developing in partnership with GM a network of on-demand driverless cars across the United States.

There is, however, no word if there will be an autonomous Bolt on the market. However, later this year the non-autonomous electric Bolt will be available for sale. It will have a range of 200 miles (around 320 km), and its prices will start at $37,500, before incentives.