The Sole Mazda6 Convertible Is a Japan-Only Parade Car

It's a kind of open-air popemobile, but for Japanese people

There are many who say the Mazda6 should have more body options than the current sedan and wagon varieties. They say there’d be a lot of appeal around a coupe variant and even a topless one...

The latter is a real thing, though, just not in the way you would have pictured it - it’s a parade car which is currently being used in Japan. Based on the three-box version of the model, the parade car was created by a small team within the company to be used in the Hiroshima region where Mazda has its headquarters.

Looking at the car, you’d think it’s not that complicated a job to convert the sedan into the parade car, but a lot of work actually went into the mod. Aside from having its roof chopped, it floor and seats were raised significantly in order those being paraded to be visible to the waving crowds.

The B-pillar hoop was also added not only for structural rigidity, but also to provide something to hold on to.

Two examples were created and were recently and they took part in a parade in Hiroshima alongside chopped versions of the RX-8 sports car.

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