The way Jeep Trackhawk blasts to 60 mph is mind-blowing

It’s one of the coolest factory sleepers we’ve ever seen

Hennessey Performance, one of America’s most prestigious tuners, takes a stock Jeep Trackhawk for a series of tests, probably just to see what can be done better with it.

There are two upgrades available for the Trackhawk. The HPE850 ups the V8’s power to — you’ve guessed it — 850 horsepower. With the HPE1000, you’ll get almost 300 hp more than in the stock Trackhawk (for a total of 1,012 hp), good for 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds, and a blistering 10.5-second ¼-mile run.

We don’t know if the Trackhawk featured in the videos below is an upgrade donor or not, but, seeing it getting stretched on Hennessey training grounds, we wonder just how necessary a power enhancement is, actually. This thing’s so quick, and fast!

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