These user-generated ads are the proof that Tesla is such a loved brand right now

Toyota Prius must be so jealous right now

Elon Musk didn’t want to pay for publicity when it came to Tesla, relying solely on the PR bit. As many of his business decision, this was an inspired one as well. 

The clients loved the Model S so much, they began filming the car themselves, creating a user-generated advertisement.

Others thought about the high amount of power and torque the Model S P100D delivers, modifying the electric family car for straight line racing; the mod proved to be annoyingly effective.   

This inspired a Tesla fan to come up with a contest idea — users have to film ads for Tesla, and the winner would be invited to an upcoming Tesla product’s launch (naturally, we're thinking Model 3). 

That’s how the Project Loveday was born, and the users didn’t fail to deliver. Some of them highlight the car's selling points in a funny manner.

Others are quite professional about it.

If you want to see them all, there’s even a playlist with 97 Tesla user-generated ads on YouTube, which you can watch below. 

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