They really hate the “new car smell” in China


It can single-handedly deter a buyer from making a purchase, so it’s given extra attention

Chinese car buyers are different to their European counterparts who value power, efficiency and quality above all.

In the People’s Republic, the world’s largest single car market, buyers are far more subjective in the way they view a future automotive purchase and their values scale may seem skewed from a European standpoint.

For instance, the smell inside a car is very important for the Chinese car buyer, so much so that if a certain car smells too pungent inside, it may be deemed undesirable and abandoned as a possible purchase.

Ford’s Chinese arm employs a team of people specifically to smell each and every single part that goes into making a new car, given how important a factor it is – check out the video posted below courtesy of Quartz to get the complete picture.

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