This 75-year-old daily-drives a 600 HP VW Golf R

600 hp vw golf r

A sleeper car that will give you nightmares

Right, for those who believe old people drive Priuses and usually keep their chins just above the steering wheel in an attempt to get a better glimpse at what’s happening ahead, here’s the thing: this 75-year-old hoons a 600 hp VW Golf R like it’s nothing.

Wait, what? That was our exact first reaction upon reading the video caption. Then we hit play and almost took a bow in appreciation. So here’s the thing: being a gearhead usually starts early in one’s lifetime and never ceases. It’s a full-life hobby, so to speak.

The gentleman in the video used to own a BMW M135i which, mind you, is a proper thrill-inducing machine. But he sold it, bought a Golf R and the first thing he did was up its horsepower to 450, which didn’t quite satisfy his ambition.

In came bits and bobs like a turbocharger, improved intercooler, custom fuel pump and exhaust, with the engine now making in the region of 600 hp. We guess a more fitting new name would be scorching-hot hatch.

Check it out in the video below:

Via Carscoops, Living Life Fast

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