This Electric Mustang Is the Safest Bet for Cars and Coffee

Teach ‘em while they’re young seems to be the appropriate truism here

A collaboration between Fisher-Price and Ford spawned a little pony car that’ll make you cheer with joy, especially if you are a kid.

Dubbed Power Wheels Smart Drive Mustang, this electric ‘Stang features both traction and stability control, reducing power whenever it detects grip loss and cutting it altogether if it thinks the pony car will roll over. Those cannot be deactivated, making the little Mustang a better option for Cars and Coffee meetings.

The features list continues with a variable speed limiter (1 to 5 mph), a progressive accelerator and the largest speaker fitted to a Power Wheels vehicle so far. And that’s where the V8 growl comes from.

Dear Santa, if you receive a letter containing “Power Wheels Drive Mustang,” prepare to check your wallet for $359.99. 

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