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This Ford Mustang is actually a Lamborghini Gallardo

We don’t know the reason behind it either

We’ve seen all kind of interesting wrappings, from a Fiat 500 dressed as a Porsche 911, or a Mitsubishi Lancer that tried to impersonate a Ferrari 458 AND a Lamborghini Veneno. But this... this is different.


Unlike the two examples we’ve mentioned above, the Tractorri (because that’s its name, obviously referring to Lamborghini’s history) is a first-gen Gallardo that looks like a 2007 Ford Mustang.


While the front fascia is all-pony, the vehicle’s rear side hints directly to the Italian thoroughbred — and, we must say, not in the most aesthetically pleasing way. 

But, as an owner, I guess you can look past that chunky bit, considering the vehicle’s all-Italian underpinnings. That means, of course, you have a glorious V10 mounted behind the driver, and all-wheel-drive. The interior choice is also Italian.


This type of inversed conversions is trending in the Saudi world, where you can find turbocharged Nissan GT-Rs disguised as Nissan Patrols, powerful enough to beat Bugattis in a drag race.  

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