This is how Jaguar pulled the E-Pace barrel roll stunt

Physics and figures were a big chunk of the preparation process

We'll skip the part where we say the E-Pace viewed from the front looks like a fatter Suzuki Swift Sport and just get to the essence of the video.

Right, so a week or so ago Jaguar spectacularly launched the new E-Pace with a little bit of help from physics, a ramp and stunt driver Terry Grant.

The end result was a barrel roll which wouldn't have been possible without serious tune-ups.

Also consider that a factory-spec E-Pace wouldn't have made the cut because first and foremost, one can't pull off a barrel roll with a car without the proper suspension tuning.

Even more, you have to spend quite a time trying to calculate and simulate trajectories and pretty much understand what's going on with each phase of the gravity-challenging act.

On that note, we think the video below should answer all your questions.