This is the Porsche 911R you can really afford to build

Porsche 911R Ravensburger 3D puzzle

If you’re into 3D puzzles, this is the perfect Valentine’s gift for him

If the love of your life doesn't know what to get you for this year's Valentine's, here's a hint that you can share

The dreaded love fest is fast approaching, so don't be caught off guard: buy the perfect gift right now, while you still have time. And if you were wondering what to give to a car lover, well, wonder no more. If you're a millionaire, just buy the real thing: the Porsche 911R will set you back around half a million dollars, if you're lucky enough to find an owner that agrees to sell it, that is.

But if you're not, then you can own this Porsche 911R for just £26.68 ($34.46). And build it with your own hands too. Behold the 3D Ravensburger Porsche 911R Puzzle:

Now you know what to get for Valentine's, problem solved.

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