This Mercedes G500 4x4 is not afraid to get dirty, makes 800 HP

Jon Olsson’s new toy looks like loads of fun

Sure, Jon Olsson is best known for his impressive collection of camouflaged, low-slung supercars or luxury rides, but that doesn’t mean the man can diversify his garage.

Enter his newest toy – or should we say, monster: a heavily-kitted Mercedes-Benz G500 4x4 that looks ready to take on a mountain and come out victorious.

Nicknamed Lord Hans (after Jon’s brother), the G500 is said to make 800 horsepower (but it is yet to step on the dyno). However, that’s not what catches the eye first. Instead, just have a look at the amount of off-road and survival gear Jon Olsson was able to fit on his new burly ride.

It has a winch, lots of additional light projectors, a bull-bar – this one comes in handy for plowing through piles of leaves, as you’ll see in the video – a Brabus carbon-fiber snorkel and extra fuel tanks.

But it’s best you discover all these and more tree-knocking off-road action in the video below.

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