This Tetris game Easter egg is the most Russian thing ever

GAZelle Next

Here’s how to access it

When you think about Easter eggs the first thing that might come to mind are video games — speaking of which, don’t forget to check our dedicated page.

The automotive world also approached the idea in various forms, but no one did it as amazingly beautiful as Russian carmaker GAZ.

Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod is one of the oldest, and the most powerful Russian brand specialized in light commercial vehicles and minibuses. The GAZelle Next is one the brand’s bestsellers, and from this point on the coolest Russian vehicle in our books.


As someone showcased in a YouTube video, the GAZelle Next has a Tetris game hidden in its instrument cluster dotted screen. It’s not easy to discover it, which makes the Easter egg even more rewarding.

Anyway, here’s what you have to do: 1) Start the engine; 2) Activate the right turn signal three times in a row; 3) Flash your high beam twice; 4) Push the clutch five times; 5) Rev the engine up to 3,000 rpm; 6) Rotate the left knob of the instrument cluster. There you go!

So if you’re stuck in a traffic jam and the GAZelle Next driver behind you flashes you twice, don’t get annoyed, the man is just getting ready for some good ol’ Tetris.

There are, of course, some risks involving playing Tetris on your car's instrument panel. You can jam the traffic even more. Or you can miss, um, interesting road events.