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This week in useless car videos: the slowest chase, the violin car and the Invisible Man

Lose 5 minutes of your life with these pointless car-related videos

Thank God it's Friday so that we can show you the most useless car-related videos of this week. Yes, you'll never get back these five minutes of your life, but hey, they're (not) worth it!

Lots of car-related things happen in a week, and we thought of forgetting for a second about the L.A. Motor Show and going for the funnier side of our car lives. So, without further ado...

1. The slowest high-speed chase ever

There's no high-speed chase here, but there's a chase, there's a lot of policemen with their guns cocked and a guy that somehow manages not to get killed while desperately trying a suicide by cop. Feeling trapped? Watch this:

2. The violin-playing car

Yes, you heard us right. Now click on the damn video and watch the most annoying violin playing you'll ever hear. It could be used as an alarm system of sorts, though...

3. The Invisible Man Audi ad

Yes, there are a lot of bad car videos out there, but this wins the title of the week. It's boring, useless and entirely misses the expected pun. Or not.

Now, that we've successfully wasted your time, can we entice you to waste some more, watching a Formula 1 car trying to outrun a cheetah? Yes, we can!

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