Three generations of Ford GT examined side by side

They are the 1960s classic, the mid-2000s model and the latest one

Ford GT is an iconic nameplate in the automotive segment given that the first vehicle to bear it was designed to challenge Ferrari’s racing supremacy, which the GT40 did by not only winning Le Mans in 1966, but actually scoring a 1-2-3 finish. 

And then it kept winning in 1967, 1968 and 1969. Recently, the latest Ford GT won it again, in 2016, after having been in development for over three years specifically to take part in the 24 hour race that year.

The early-2000s Ford GT wasn’t such a big hit on the racing scene as it was designed more to be a good road car - which it was and thanks to its supercharged V8 engine it never lefet its driver wanting for power.

Kelley Blue Book assembled all three generations of GT for a rather unique video showcasing them side by side. Seeing them in close proximity to one another, you do see the lineage and the connection they share and you end up wanting each one for quite different reasons.

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