Today’s most expensive unwrapping: the first Chiron in the USA

Bubble wrap? Not on this car...

There’s this thing I really don’t understand: video unwrappings. I imagine it might be helpful for some potential clients to see the full content of a product package before making the acquisition. But I also feel that the humankind can do without them.  

Unfortunately, not even an exquisite product — such as a multi-million dollar Chiron — can't make me change my opinion. It's a car I will probably never possess — I wouldn't be able to keep its tank full constantly, let aside pay the insurance, or the servicing. 

Bugatti’s finest just arrived in the US for the first time, and someone was there, camera in his hand, waiting for the unwrap to happen. What you’re going to see next are 12 minutes of awe, and a Chiron with a very, very ugly rear — I know, I know, it’s the crash regulations...

Anyway, who'd want to pay a pile of money on a car that can't even reach 300 mph, right?. Sour grapes.

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