Today’s unusual drag race: Dodge Demon vs Bugatti Veyron

Someone had to do it

There are a lot of cars the Demon is pitched against these days, and for obvious reasons: everyone wants to see just how quick the quickest production car in the world actually is.

The guys at Muscle Car of the Week, however, thought about the supreme king of the vehicular reign, the Bugatti Veyron. Well, it’s actually the former but still.

On paper, the Veyron holds two of the aces: it has more power (1,001 hp, compared to the Demon’s 840 hp), and more traction (four- over two-wheel drive). The one regarding the weight goes to the Demon, which has 4,248 lbs/1,926 kg, a mere 64 kilos/142 pounds less than the Veyron.

If you’re eager for some instant action, head to 7:00 in the video below. It’s not quite the official drag race you’ve been expecting but we have to give these guys credit for running these cars at full throttle on such a tight strip. Speaking of tight here's another close race, this time between a Chiron and a Veyron.

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via MuscleCarOfTheWeek YT

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