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Top 10 car brands in the USA

Consumer Reports publishes their Top 10 for car brands in the US market

A report made by Consumer Reports reveals which car brands take the cake when it comes to reliability and consumer satisfaction.

All the brands surveyed receive an Overall Score based on more factors, such as predicted reliability, road-test score, and consumer satisfaction. 

To arrive at the rankings, Consumer Reports averaged the Overall Scores for new cars from every major automotive brand based on the vehicles we have purchased and tested, then we ranked them. Brands with just one tested model were omitted.

The Top 10 for 2017 is as follows:

1. Audi        81/100 (road-test 86/100)
2. Porsche  78/100 (road-test 88/100)
3. BMW       77/100 (road-test 86/100)
4. Lexus      77/100 (road-test 74/100)
5. Subaru    74/100 (road-test 81/100)
6. Kia           74/100 (road-test 77/100)
7. Mazda     73/100 (road-test 75/100)
8. Tesla       73/100 (road-test 88/100)
9. Honda     72/100 (road-test 77/100)     
10. Buick     72/100 (road-test 72/100)

At the bottom of the pack, you can find brands such as Fiat (dead last), Jeep, Mitsubishi, Land Rover, and Dodge. 

An important notice is that the rankings do not reflect corporate behavior. Therefore, the models sold by brands affected by the emissions scandal did not lose any points.

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