Turns out Aston Martin was right with the DB11 AMR

From better to even better

Aston Martin’s fastest production car to date is a title that changed over the years. Today’s holder is the new Aston DB11 AMR, a model launched less than two years after the regular DB11 made its debut.

So, yeah, we’ve been wondering a lot how good it is now and how much better it became than the non-AMR Aston Martin DB11.

Even since reviewers got their hands on it, the DB11 attracted a lot of praise, whether it was Chris Harris, Matt LeBlanc or Henry Catchpole handing out the compliments.


Speaking of which, Carfection took the new Aston Martin DB11 AMR for a stroll and came up with their conclusions. As it turns out, the DB11 AMR didn’t simply get a performance-enhancing boost, but it’s also more apt at stimulating the driver’s senses. For example, the exhaust note is now tweaked and sounds tastier than before, while the carbon fiber touches inside the cabin amp up the racy feel but fret not, this car’s GT credentials are still there.

See for yourself in the video below.

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