Turns out the Bugatti Chiron can handle a speedy turn or two

bugatti chiron

What, you thought it can’t pull that off?

Bugatti’s Chiron is a master of speed. And braking, to be perfectly honest. But while it’s not exactly a rally car, it sure can pull its own weight on a winding road.

We’re not sure how many Chiron owners would actually take it out on a bendy road and step on the gas, but Carfection’s Henry Catchpole did just that.

Sure, the Chiron is not Bugatti’s designated corner expert. In fact, as of last weekend, the French carmaker assigned that job to the Divo, a Chiron-based hypercar that retains the 8-liter quad-turbo W16 engine but adds a plethora of aerodynamic tweaks and cooling solutions.

Also, here’s one for you: if the Chiron was 300 kg lighter (it tips the scales at just under 2,000 kg), it wouldn’t be as quick, because it would have difficulties in putting all that monstrous power down.

Now, we’d really like to keep talking about the Chiron and Bugattis in general but what wouldn’t do any justice to the video below. So do check it out.

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