Unboxing the Dodge Demon Crate will make every gearhead's spine tingle

It's like Christmas all over again

We know you know about the $1 Demon Crate, but here's a video of Hennessey unboxing one.

Ever since the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon also known as the Dodge Demon came out, Dodge has been claiming it tried to build as much value as possible into it. After all, the Demon's $84,995 sticker can't be tagged as bargain.

What does value mean for Dodge? In this case, it's a bundle of features, performance and exclusivity. Hence, the Demon Crate, priced at $1 as well as other items that abide by the one-dollar policy, including the optional passenger seat or a leather rear seat or a Demon trunk carpet kit.

But let's stick to the Demon Crate. Inside lie a bucketload of goodies including a pair of slim front drag wheels, a conical performance air filter, two valve sterns plus a bunch of hydraulic tools that include a floor jack, impact wrench and tire pressure gauge.

Lucky for us - and you, for that matter - Hennessey Performance took a video of their Demon Crate unboxing. Is that enough to pique your interest?

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