US: Four-way comparo review looks at compact hatches

This for a body style that has never really received much love from the American car buyer

Americans buy many more of the sedan variant of a vehicle than they do its hatchback incarnation and yet hatches are still on offer in the US, where they are perceived as sportier and better suited for city driving.

The latest crop of compact hatches is brimming with excellent cars; no, really, you couldn’t find a dud in this class even if you tried. They’re all good cars to begin with and each has its own flavor and swathe of abilities, so it’s not a matter of picking the best car out there, but the one which best suits your needs and taste.

Here is where comparative reviews like this one put together by KBB help those who can’t make their mind up as to which car they want. In this company, the subjects discussed ar the Mazda3, Chevy Cruze, Honda Civic hatch and the Subaru Impreza five-door.

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