Video has a go at finding out why people buy more SUVs, less wagons

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SUVs are winning the bring-new-customer game by a landslide in today’s car environment, but just how much of a chance does the good old estate stand in front of high-riding crossovers of all sizes?

Moreover, SUVs are not only killing estates/wagons, but also sedans - yet that’s another story for another time.

So, we’ll just focus on the question Carfection asks and subsequently tries to answer: why are people buying more SUVs and less estates, station wagons or shooting brakes, whatever you might call them.

The thing is, there’s no right or wrong answer for this one as there’s a multitude of reasons that come into play whenever a buying decision is to be made. For example, most people who buy SUVs never take them off the road but believe they and their families are safer higher up the ground on public roads. 

To better exemplify the differences between these car species, the 11-minute video below brings together and has a look at the Volvo V90 and the Land Rover Discovery.

Oh, and the real question we’d like to know the answer to is what you’d choose and why. So we invite you to the comments section where you can let us know your take on the given matter.

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