Video has everything you need to know about the Rimac C_Two

Nicely put into context by Mate Rimac

Sit back and enjoy as founder of Rimac Automobili and automotive genius Mate Rimac explains all the quirks behind the C_Two, the electric supercar replacing the Concept One.

You’ve had a chance to get acquainted with the C_Two from the moment Rimac released an unthinkable set of stats earlier this year in Geneva. 

And yes, there’s enough (instant) torque to move the Alps (2,300 Nm or 1,696 lb-ft) and the computing power equals that of 22 interconnected Apple MacBook Pro laptops and you get 1,914 hp under your right foot, yet the official press release didn’t quite get to the full depth of the Rimac C_Two.

And who’s better and guiding us through the electric supercar’s kinks than the man who virtually created it?

Fully Charged had a chat with Mate Rimac who, among other things, explains how the C_Two is actually a practical car in the sense that getting in and out of the cockpit is done in the most comfortable manner one can imagine, give the car's ethos.

Learn about how this was possible and other just-as-juicy details from the video below:

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