Vilner exercises its craftsmanship on this Mercedes-AMG S63 Cabrio

mercedes-amg-s63-cabriolet-by-vilner (5)

It looks like something Mercedes itself would’ve made

When it comes to aftermarket interior decoration, one of the first names to pop into our minds is Vilner, a small Bulgarian studio who knows how to stand out.

mercedes-amg-s63-cabriolet-by-vilner (13)

They’re the ones who cladded a Mustang with real horse fur, for example. They also know how to make a non-AMG Mercedes CLA feel really special. Actually, they’ve shown that even an AMG S63’s interior can be upped, if the money is right.


Somehow ironically if you come to think of it, this subtle work on the Mercedes-AMG S63 Cabrio is a bigger surprise than all of the projects mentioned above. For once, they didn’t “vilnerize” the car (an actual term used by Vilner in their self-description) to stand out but to blend in.

mercedes-amg-s63-cabriolet-by-vilner (1)

This is something we consider harder doing than saying. Don't forget to browse the gallery above for more photos with the car.

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