Volkswagen’s Mobility Efforts Will Rival Uber Under the MOIA Label

Strategies, over strategies, over strategies

Post Dieselgate, life at Volkswagen is all about plans and strategies, as the company looks to wholly reconstruct the way it thinks and does business.

Transformation 2025+, Strategy 2025 and ambitions like building one million EVs split into 30 different models together with 19 crossovers and SUVs should be enough even for a big-name carmaker like Volkswagen.

Yet the company wants to extend its tentacles further, this time in the mobility services sector. Enter MOIA, a "standalone company under the Volkswagen Group umbrella," which will create and sell mobility services.

"Our sights are set on becoming one of the global top players for mobility services in the medium term. To achieve that we will be seeking to attract the best minds and technology start-ups." 

Ole Harms, CEO of MOIA

Headquartered in Berlin, the new company (the Group's 13th asset) will start off with a team of 50 in the attempt to prove that "innovative mobility solutions are possible outside of Silicon Valley." 

In other words, it wants to rival the likes of Uber and will use an app to serve its customers with on-demand car-sharing (pooling) and ride-hailing services.

Another location will be brought up in Hamburg later on as Volkswagen put pen to paper on a three-year partnership with the municipality.