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VW Golf GTI takes on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV

Similar on paper; very different out on the road

Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV, the hottest version of the Italian hatch, is often overlooked in comparative tests, even if it’s definitely competitive with rivals in the segment.

Its (and everybody else’s) biggest rival is the VW Golf GTI which is widely acknowledged (although not unanimously) to be the best all round hot hatch you can buy. Pitting the Giulietta against the Golf in a head to head comparo is definitely interesting and that’s what Harry’s Garage has done in this video.

Both cars are gauged mainly for how they drive (on a quite wet and cold UK day) and in this area the Alfa is quite different to the Volkswagen. It is much wilder feeling from behind the wheel and its more manic edge gives it a totally different character.

On paper they are quite evenly matched, but out on the open road, the two approaches couldn’t be more different - neither is better or worse; just different, so both will find both fans and haters.

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