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Watch a totaled BMW 7 Series being made "like new" in a body repair shop

Should be illegal, but this guy's craftsmanship level is high

Totaled cars should be scrapped, end of story. Well, not if you're living in the ex-Soviet space, where you can go from a destroyed car to one that looks brand-new in just 27 days.

Here's a 7 Series Bimmer that went through a lot of pain, judging from the level of damage it took - there's almost nothing left untouched, and the car's safety structures are bent. All the airbags are deployed, as well, and the car looks like it was t-boned by a truck. Or something.

In any civilized country, the car would be written off and sent to the scrapyard, as it's unsafe for its passengers. Not in the former USSR. In Lithuania, an unsuspecting buyer could pay a hefty amount of money on this pile of mangled metal, believing that's it's `like new`. Well, nonetheless, the craftsmanship level of the repair guy is mindblowing. Just look at him!

So, a piece of advice: if you ever stumble on an incredible offer for a `like-new` car in Eastern Europe, it might be just after an APC crashed into it...

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