Watch Adam Levine drive the Mission E while you hear Adam Levine music in the background

Make all the EVs sound like singers now!

There’s an emphasis on the electric technology in Porsche’s yard that truly makes me believe we will all forget about combustion Porsches way sooner than we think. The Mission E, of course, is going to help us with that

We now know how it looks — we truly hope nothing’s going to change in its way to production — and we’re pretty sure it drives good as well. All we needed to know is just how much a pop star would like it, so that’s why we have Porsche-lover Adam Levine take it for a spin. He wants two.

While watching Mr. Levine talking about the car while Mr. Levine vocalizes in the background, I had a thought: how about making every EV car sing something while on the move? This way they’re safer for pedestrians, and also more enjoyable, I guess. 

Now, all we need to do is make a playlist eligible for a fully-electric Porsche luxury sedan. So, what’s it going to be?

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via Porsche YT

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